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... clapper kokeshi doll which continues considering which follows tradition, and is new

Miyagi Dento Kokeshi (clapper kokeshi doll): Yasuo Okazaki

We visited Yasuo Okazaki exhibiting for temporary exhibition in Aoyama square on March 2, 2018.

Miyagi Dento Kokeshi (clapper kokeshi doll): Yasuo Okazaki

Kokeshi doll of four Miyagi is included in Miyagi Dento Kokeshi. Clapper kokeshi doll, yachiro kokeshi doll, Sendai kokeshi doll, Togatta kokeshi doll. It is Okazaki who continues making clapper kokeshi doll as business to have heard story this time.
As for the clapper kokeshi doll, what woodworkers who sawed bowl and tray made as toy to own child and neighboring child is said to be opening in last years of Edo era.

As business
    Clapper kokeshi doll

From the small time always on side

 In house of Okazaki, both grandfather and father state made kokeshi doll.
 Therefore we lived a life with kokeshi doll near and seemed to be for consciousness that oneself made if we became adult since childhood.

 Okazaki who has not thought about other work has faith toward making kokeshi doll.

 Okazaki has begun to study with father as creator of kokeshi doll when we became 18 years old. The beginning seemed to have thought that it was possible immediately since childhood as it was kokeshi doll which we looked at.

 You began to study and said when form (bare wood) of kokeshi doll had a hard time to write face although we became able to make.
 And it is said that eyes of customer knew it.

 One day after selling kokeshi doll which we made with grandfather and father and oneself and three people at the same price, only kokeshi doll which oneself made remained unsold.
 It was event that knew that it was revealed after all which kokeshi doll was good for customer although we hit so that there was as article for sale.

 We seem to still compare with kokeshi doll which oneself sometimes present made as kokeshi doll which we made in that time is left at hand. As for the old thing, expression was firm and said that it came that creator was tense.

We are exploring new form

Kokeshi doll boom

 As for the kokeshi doll, boom is taking place now.
 But kokeshi doll boom happened in 40-50 age of the Showa era seemed to be greater. So that I run out more because kokeshi doll is sold no matter how much there is creator.

 It is said that there was creator like 80-100 in those days. We understand that the present kokeshi doll boom is not that good in the one becoming around 30 with around a one-third now.

A new type of kokeshi doll

Still boom is merely boom. It is reliable that sales are good.
But although it was necessary for traditional kokeshi doll to convey in history, we thought whether really with that alone it was good and came to make recently a new type of kokeshi doll.

For example, it is kokeshi doll of business to put egg in, and the other side is kokeshi doll becoming mirror and.

It has the same not only clapper kokeshi doll which Okazaki makes but also other kokeshi doll production centers to be thinking about possibility of kokeshi doll. Peculiar kokeshi doll is early and attracts customers.

Clapper kokeshi doll as Officially designated Traditional craft products

 Traditional kokeshi dolls of Miyagi gathered, and clapper kokeshi doll became Officially designated Traditional craft products as Miyagi Dento Kokeshi in 1981.
 In heyday of kokeshi doll boom, people of the generation of father of Okazaki proposed in lifetime, and this time when it became Officially designated Traditional craft products seemed to apply. There was saved kokeshi doll production center and, in what you applied for in that time, was saying now when really good.

 Clapper kokeshi doll has a production center in good place of location in comparison with other kokeshi doll production centers. Near clapper kokeshi doll, there is Naruko Onsen, and there is advantage to be different in original recognition. You thought that with that alone it was not good and only said when Okazaki was always thinking about new thing.

Chrysanthemum which is drawn on kokeshi doll

Meaning of chrysanthemum

 By the way, the body of kokeshi doll has many things which chrysanthemum is written. Do you think that this is what?

 In fact, originally woodworker made kokeshi doll, but it is said that it is ikyoshino of the imperial family that told this district technique as woodworker. In other words, he/she told as you told when we expressed the favor and described.

 What we do not know still more may be covered on kokeshi doll. Please hear curious one toward the creator.

Okazaki who had you talk this time,
We exhibit in Aoyama square by artisan corner "Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition of Miyagi" until March 4.
(as for Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition of Miyagi until March 7)

As production experience goes during period, please come to play.