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"Is not bitter"; for "cute" Echizen Yaki

Echizen Yaki Kenji Kasatsuji

We visited Kenji Kasatsuji exhibiting for temporary exhibition in Aoyama square on April 27, 2018.

Echizen Yaki Kenji Kasatsuji

Echizen Yaki is Officially designated Traditional craft products of Fukui that we continue burning in one of Japanese six old kilns from last years of Heian era. There are many employed calibers and is made with livings such as tortoise, pot, earthenware mortar, ship sake bottle, ohaguro pot.
Youth group of Echizen Yaki is starting for scale of production center now although it becomes small, and young power is gradually only growing big. Kasatsuji belongs to the youth group and seems to perform alternating current with youth group of other production centers flourishingly.

Echizen Yaki which there was near since childhood

Business is Echizen Yaki

We made Echizen Yaki in shitsujika, and Kasatsuji was brought up while there was soil near from the small time. Therefore you did not need to think if it became big that we would inherit Echizen Yaki, and existence of Echizen Yaki seemed to be a matter of course among oneself.

But there is time when we thought whether there is not really interesting thing other than the Echizen Yaki and will go to school of Osaka.

Field of vision of Kasatsuji opened at a stretch there as we learned to thing which had not been engaged so far including jewelry as well as container consistently.

Encounter with colorful stained glass

Kasatsuji knew whether there were stained glass and encounter, so colorful thing in the world. We seemed to have intended to become stained glass craftsman not Echizen Yaki at one time.

But image was not heated with stained glass when we thought that we lived and decided that we inherited Echizen Yaki which we secondly liked.

New style of Echizen Yaki

Echizen Yaki which is thin made

At production center of Echizen Yaki, we are pushing forward product development that is thin made now.

Originally soil of Echizen Yaki was sticky thing, but made so that it was possible for grilled dish with strength even if we made use of the property, and stack made selective breeding thinly more.

This shape that there is not readily at other production centers seems to become style of Echizen Yaki in the future.

The world of 1 millimeter of thinness

Kasatsuji worked on this Echizen Yaki which was thin made, too.

But we cannot easily build up even if there was kind improved soil. Even if Kasatsuji reason, technique of potter's wheel to prepare thin thing into, temperature of kiln are delicious and were burnt, iron content begins to blow, and there does not seem to be after having done various trial and error if there is not.

Kasatsuji said before we completed this thin Echizen Yaki when it took three years.

The world of bitter Echizen Yaki

It is thing of biscuit ware, and there are many bitter things, and, speaking of Echizen Yaki, as for the colorful thing, there are none even if we hung glaze. But there is reason to can happen.
This is because it is in darkish color even if we paint with any color to become blackish when soil of Echizen Yaki burns as for it.

Therefore, as for the Echizen Yaki, image only bitter thing has pointed out all works.

But we did not abandon feelings to color even after deciding that Kasatsuji who was interested in stained glass inherited Echizen Yaki.

Echizen Yaki which Kasatsuji makes

Colorful thing

We were going to adopt stained glass itself in Echizen Shikki around 20 generations, but it did not seem to be by level to be said to be product of thing which we tried as one year.

We think about Echizen Yaki becoming colorful every day if possible and are making thing different from conventional Echizen Yaki now.

Because Echizen Yaki plays soil, and there is person of thought to be quiet, as for the thing which Kasatsuji makes, there is pro and con, but still being particular to color seems to continue making new thing without throwing away.

Echizen Yaki X lacquer

Of thing discontinuing its business

In the Meiji era, there was house where we painted with lacquer and made container in creator of Echizen Yaki. Creator feeling that it is not clogged up only for simple color taste all through the ages will be to be.

The person paints with lacquer outside of Echizen Yaki and made thing of unprecedented form, but discontinues our business without getting evaluation as product.

But fact that Kasatsuji had person making such an attempt seems to encourage.

Finally after hearing whether you wanted to make point, what from now on, you said when you wanted to make thing which had you say to Echizen Yaki, "we are pretty".

What kind of Echizen Yaki you will produce and will look forward to from now on.

Kasatsuji who had you talk this time,
We demonstrate in Aoyama square with temporary exhibition "Traditional Craft spring present of Fukui" until April 30.
(as for the present of Traditional Craft spring of Fukui until May 2)

Please come to play.