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Acting power that continues making Mashiko Yaki not to get tired of

Mashiko Yaki Masatoshi Otsuka

We visited exhibiting Masatoshi Otsuka in artisan section in Aoyama square on May 18, 2018.

Mashiko Yaki Masatoshi Otsuka

At the mid-19th century, technique of ceramics was introduced from Kasama of Ibaraki and developed in Mashiko. There is background that raised position from daily use disarray container to work of art by creator that it is in later living national treasure early in Showa although a lot of pot and home simple daily necessities are made with Officially designated Traditional craft products of Tochigi.
It is earthenware which Mashiko Yaki serves as strength and warmth by traditional technique and glaze and prepared.

Following the back of father

Since there was discretion

It was Mashiko Yaki which we began with charges of father as business, but there was already Mashiko Yaki near when Otsuka reached the age of discretion.

When we were young, we spent daily life that loved to move body, and was active, but Mashiko Yaki seemed to think that oneself might inherit house for existence to be always near sometime.

From high school Mashiko Yaki

When we entered high school, we entered Mashiko High School by the advice of mother.

There is curriculum of ceramic art in Mashiko High School, and there is meaning as the first step of inheritor, too. After studying here, and having studied more in ceramics support center for two years, we seemed to choose way which made Mashiko Yaki in earnest in house.

Charm of ascending kiln

Pleasure of getting out kiln

What is it to be fun in Mashiko Yaki? Otsuka said when we heard this when thing which getting out kiln was enough for was burnt if fun.

House of Otsuka does not have ascending kiln, but voice seems to hang over Otsuka when we burn ascending kiln in other potteries. Then Otsuka does help to light kiln with own thing which we made. In that way we make Mashiko Yaki while helping each other.

Kiln of physical strength work

Ascending kiln uses time and labor unlike gas kiln and electric kiln.
We finish lighting on the fourth day after not finishing lighting in a day, and lighting for about 1-2 days, and hitting moisture of ascending kiln, and letting you do overall temperature constantly on the third day.

As it is in condition to light fire all through the night, during 3-4 days, there is not time to take a rest. Therefore existence of person helping like Otsuka is important when we burn ascending kiln.

By the way, it is average that person having ascending kiln lights 1 or 2 times a year, but is called out by person that Otsuka is various; and is kama* kioshitasodesu three times last year.

We handle many things with points

Because it gets tired to do various things?

There is image that concentrates on without working with keeping still for hours, and wrestles in things when we hear the word "craftsman", but it is not said that Otsuka puts only with potter's wheel for hours and performs.

In start, we make glaze if we concentrate on for one hour and make soil and get rid of soot and handle that there is at time in turn basically. We measure in time and seem to act so that it is said that all work moves to different work if a given period of time comes.

You said that we got tired when we were doing only the same thing, but looked good effectively as you could push forward all work thoroughly.

Thing which is innovative that it is traditional

Traditional thing

Work which Otsuka makes has much traditional Mashiko Yaki.

As for the Mashiko Yaki, people making thing using technique of traditional Mashiko Yaki decrease recently because there is movement to say to take in new thing.

But it is thought of Otsuka that thing which people find is in a state that there is not, and do not want to do because there is visitor liking traditional Mashiko Yaki.

In addition, you said as you could not tell traditional Mashiko Yaki to people in the future when rest seeking new things could not handle traditional technique of Mashiko Yaki when it was narrator, and oneself wanted to connect.

Innovative thing

It is Otsuka who wants to make traditional Mashiko Yaki, but we think about new thing and are not without.

As Mashiko Yaki was bound as for Otsuka by image called tableware, you said when you wanted to come to be able to make other thing.

Child of Otsuka is playing boy soccer, but, at the request of soccer team, makes trophy with Mashiko Yaki. In addition, we make medal with Mashiko Yaki and seem to want to widen possibility of Mashiko Yaki.

Mashiko Yaki to foreign countries

Fix your eyes on the coming times

In world in the future, living environment changes at faster speed.

It seems to be too small when we think about whether you convey tradition of Mashiko Yaki to later people how you let Mashiko Yaki survive in that when we turn field of vision only to Japan.

When it was ... every day to think in that way, and to spend days, Otsuka told measure to let you open flower abroad, and to connect traditional culture with the next times.

Otsuka who had you talk this time,
We demonstrate in Aoyama square by artisan corner "Mashiko Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts Masatoshi Otsuka exhibition" until May 23.

Please come to play.