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Artisan of Koshu Tebori Insho which grows up although being a pleasure

Koshu Tebori Insho botsukikiramekiga

We visited botsukikiramekiga exhibiting in Loan Object Exhibition in Aoyama square on July 23, 2018.

Koshu Tebori Insho botsukikiramekiga

Koshu Tebori Insho is Officially designated Traditional craft products of Yamanashi. Seal by various material for seals was made by woodcut teacher who treated printing block in Kofu-shi in last years of Edo era. Material for seals is made of box tree or water buffalo and conveys hand-carving dakarakosono taste in the present age.

Opportunity when we began Koshu Tebori Insho

Since childhood on side

 Mochizuki invited the heyday to the making of seal in the days of elementary school, and houses more than half of classmate were doing work to be engaged in seal. Still, without enough hands, we seemed to have person of neighboring town begin side business.

 As even social studies visit of elementary school went to see the making of seal and made seal in house of Mochizuki, we thought that it was to person whom nature and oneself made.

When it is past the heyday of seal…

 But when we decided that Mochizuki became adult and went ahead through way to craftsman, it was over for the heyday of seal, and parent to object to even if we untied who wanted to become craftsman came to come out.

 Still Mochizuki charges through way as craftsman and reaches in now.

Study made with seal

Seal which is apprenticed, and learns

 There is no school telling Koshu Tebori Insho in Yamanashi now. Because originally it often performed as business, it inherits to child from parent, and this is because it is apprenticed, and it steals the skill of teacher, and it learns by method to become full-fledged.

 But father died when Mochizuki was going to learn technique. Therefore we decided to go to school of Kanagawa that could learn the making of seal of thing which was other prefectures.

At first from place to make depth

 We pursue stage, and process made with seal is put, but can greatly classify photographs in 3 processes with "cloth character" (we put letter) "rough carving" "finish". It is process of carving of the middle firstly to be entrusted. We are the third and the fourth from the right when we say in photograph. And finish comes to be left when this carving is possible.

 As teacher can enter till the last, time seems to suffer from character case though we readily arrive by the most important process in hand-carving seal to there.

While we make collaboration work

18 places of industrial art object production centers collaboration

 For these past several years, Mochizuki pushes forward collaboration with person and designer of other production centers. For example, it is various one challenging when we do collaboration with designer writing flower unit crest and do picture of flower unit crest on birthday of the person to seal and take in Shinshu Tsumugi and Hakata Ori to seal case.

 In addition, we do collaboration more than 18 places of Laquer Ware production centers such as Kishu Shikki and Aizu Nuri, Echizen Shikki, Murakami Kibori Tsuishu and are doing that we have you write coat and lacquer work of the production center to seal case and seal (material for seals) and make seal recently. It may be said that such a new approach of Mochizuki sparks unprecedented wind in Officially designated Traditional craft products industry itself.

Stamp which has you use casually anytime

"It is not registered seal and wants to make private seal"

 It seemed to have been said that it was, "it was not registered seal and wants to do to private seal" from customer who had you use seal which Mochizuki made only with thing which it was easy to stamp with seal. In addition, there was request that you wanted to use for seal which you made Laquer Ware production center and collaboration and made as stamp to be able to push more casually and said when we came to make seal of private seal size.

 Hand-carving seal seemed to think whether you were often used as important stamp to rarely use like corner mark and registered seal, but it was touched by customer who said that we did not want to let seal which had you make with much effort lie in safe and seemed to come to want to make seals usable casually.

Charm of Koshu Tebori Insho

Hand-carving seal that I think that we want to continue carving

 Mochizuki is existence fascinated by charm of Koshu Tebori Insho. Work is to make Koshu Tebori Insho, but hobby make Koshu Tebori Insho, too. Therefore it may occur to to be new for various ideas.

 Only in thought that we wanted to do to seal which it was easy to use more to want to play better more so as to make if we made carving if we carved, we did so far. Koshu Tebori Insho has the issue of successor, but thinks that young person to want to make in the same way may come out when we make seals although Mochizuki is a pleasure.

Loan Object Exhibition "skill - summer of artisan"

Mochizuki who had you talk this time,
Loan Object Exhibition is "skill - summer of artisan" and we produce in Aoyama square until tomorrow and experience.

Please come to play.