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We make favorite thing without getting snagged on established concept

Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku Hiroki Kogure

We visited Hiroki Kogure exhibiting in Loan Object Exhibition in Aoyama square on November 30, 2018.

Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku Hiroki Kogure

Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku is Officially designated Traditional craft products of Nagano. Unvanished wooden turnery is made and is used for bare wood of Kiso Shikki, and we just put work as Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku, and tray or bowl are made.
Kogure who reported this time is famous by making thing slightly different from other people in that.

Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku which business included near

It is much same since childhood

Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku was made in house of Kogure.

As it was place called house and factory, there was Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku near from the time with discretion and seemed to think that it was to person who made this if it was to adult.

Without chance when thought to "include any other things to want to become" got into, we would come straight on seeing Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku.

Ascetic practices is Kagawa Shikki

Mostly ascetic practices that creator of Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku chooses is the parents' house.

But we let Kogure go to study to Kagawa Shikki in the Kogures. It is intention of father to know the outside. Although we met, technical difficulty digests teaching among oneself as original forward feeling obediently, and Kagawa Shikki touches ability.

Japanese who do not look good with Japanese dishes

Change of Japanese life

It is the basics and manufacturing of the making of bare wood to have learned in ascetic practices.

You were able to tell traditional manufacturing, but were connected in improving flexibility here as it was teacher good at craft.

And Kogure seemed to come to think about what thing which customer really bought was deeply.

Manufacturing to the present lifestyle

Thing which the present person wants to use will be what. Thing which the present person is pleased with will be what. Thing which the present person is looking for will be what.

As a result of having continued thinking about such a thing, Kogure came to look at Western dishes well and we thought that we might change bare wood into the form and have begun to make.

Meanwhile, original work of Kogure is created.

Birth of Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku-type speaker

At first own favorite thing in form

Original speaker which Kogure created.

We considered whether Kogure who was interested in speaker could not make this with Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku and built up. The making of of the appearance is not changed, but changes about sound after we bring.

For example, almost none of repeating that we try that to hit on "do you hear music that sound may become clearer if you do in this way?!" at noon on the next day at midnight, but sound worsening than the current situation, and nothing usually changing.

But while we repeat failure, true flash is caused, and improvement seems to have possibilities to succeed. In that way you said as speaker accomplished evolution every day when a more present state was not the last shape.

New product which is created in conversation with visitor

Character that popularity makes

There are other great places of Kogure. Place where it makes friends even with stranger immediately.

Contents which we speak with a laugh when what was surprised to report finds a kindred spirit in visitor whom he/she called out to when we demonstrate and had lunch together.

There are a lot of people of creator demonstrating at artisan corner, but there is not readily person to make friends with visitor of the first meeting immediately, and to be about to go out.

We may say such Kogure and regard conversation with visitor as important.

Moment when new idea is born

It is conversation with customer that Kogure who continues making thing which fitted the present life is doing for hint as well as traditional thing.

For example, we seemed to be told that I wanted something like tea caddy to put coffee filter and coffee beans in to customer. Coffee is thing to generally drink in Japan, but it is what that put in the tea caddy or is different, and sense of incongruity is in what we put near coffee maker.

It is impression of customer that Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku which we made with unvanished wooden turnery there seems to be correct as Western-style thing to put coffee beans in if it has a shape.

Kogure intends to make promptly forward.

In trifling place Traditional Craft

It is light to glass

Officially designated Traditional craft products has person not to fit the present world. But is it really so? It is Kogure to have question in this.

It is thought of Kogure that customer is actually looking for Officially designated Traditional craft products. But customer does not buy because there is not Officially designated Traditional craft products of form that was to the present life article.

Container of coffee beans is so, too, may be pleased when, besides, we make part to spread under the glass of glass with Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku and make relationship of table light with Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku?

Of course only Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku was not best as for it. Even if it is lacquer, it is the same. We can adopt Officially designated Traditional craft products as color of life.

If it does brain flexibly, and it thinks, it is thought of Kogure that traditional industry lengthens still more.

Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku Hiroki Kogure exhibition

Kogure who reported this time produces in Aoyama square by artisan corner "Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku Hiroki Kogure exhibition" until December 5 and demonstrates.

During the period, we are playing music with speaker of Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku.

In addition, what visit when we dropped in at Nagano may be good as we are usually in "tray place in Nagano made of zelkova studio cannequin Kogure".