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2018/12/21 Friday

The 21st Japan Master of Traditional Crafts society exhibition prize-winning work

 Japanese Master of Traditional Crafts fair exhibition competing with the skill that nation-wide Master of Traditional Crafts kept on polishing for sense of beauty. It is held in Malin Messe Hakata of Fukuoka on Sunday for from Friday, November 2 to 4th in this year when we reached the 21st and many people can see work and are better...

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2018/11/26 Monday

"Bearer" sends pleasant how to use Officially designated Traditional craft products and hot information of production center

 In The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, we started "Officially designated Traditional craft products bearer upbringing business" in 2018. In this business, lover of Officially designated Traditional craft products utilizes SNS in pleasant how to use industrial art object and information of production center; and information...

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